Saurian Apocalypse

The Forgotten World

The Long History of Saurians & How They Came to Be

150 y.a.: Dinosaurs are first introduced to the public, in the form of pets, laborers, food, and entertainment attractions, by a company called "Biosyn."

145 y.a.: Biosyn petitions the world governments to begin planting huge, prehistoric trees to combat the rising Carbon-Dioxide levels in our atmosphere.

143 y.a.: Governments agree, and Biosyn begins planting massive amounts of trees. Trees grow very rapidly and require large amounts of care and nutrition, but will be fully grown in ten years due to the special nutrient formula that Biosyn has created.

141 y.a.: The term "Saurian" is coined. This term is used by intellectuals to differentiate between real dinosaurs and these resurrected creatures. Biosyn reveals that some changes have been made to the genetic code of their creatures to make the creatures more survivable in today's environment.

138 y.a.: Biosyn begins developing weaponized Saurians, by modifying, enlarging, and combining existing creatures. The first prototype creature is a Stegakylotops, a triceratops with a stegosaur-like tail and ankylosaur-like armored plates. It was also given massively enhanced aggression to anyone not trained with it since birth.

130 y.a.: First escape and public injury. A family of six was mauled by a pack of escaped velociraptors.

121 y.a.: First documented use of Saurians in combat. Half-a-dozen Stegakylotops and a task-force of pteraraptors (winged velociraptors) attack a Japanese-held military base near Hawaii. No survivors. Base is then purchased by Biosyn, who then leases it to the U.S. government.

118 y.a.: First Saur War begins, with the Mexican government sending in hoards of raptors at the border. Thousands are killed as the beasts rush over American soil. America responds with its own Stegkylotops and a new creature, Apatosaurus Rex. The creature is almost eighty feet tall and has the four limbs of an Apatosaurus, but the huge head and carnivorous appetite of the T-rex. The beast kills hundreds before it is brought down by the Mexican military. The creature overturned a dozen tanks before one of them got a lucky shot in its mouth, destroying it.

103 y.a.: Prehistoric Tree growth becomes exponential as they spread their seeds. Biosyn is unable to properly document and predict the spread of these plants. Biosyn also notes an increased growth in the plants that came into contact with seeds and bits of the modified ones.

99 y.a.: First Saur War ends when the number of Saurians released becomes uncontrollable. Mexico is nearly destroyed and a quarter of the better-armed and defended Americans are dead. Mexico is left destroyed and infested as a wild-life preserve due to the massive amounts of dinosaurs running around, and the cost to remove them would be immense.

88 y.a.: More creatures are escaping. A group of modified Allosaurs escape from a facility based in Florida, taking with them their near-human intelligence and a number of tools that have been modified for them to use.

83 y.a.: Large mammalian creatures begin to go extinct as escaped Saurians infect their ecosystems. Also, Biosyn determines that the large trees they planted are recreating the nutrient formula and spreading it to all plants. This causes even current flora to grow to massive size in record time. Countries like Canada, Africa, China, and even Russia are finding themselves overgrown with massive plants, and have difficulty keeping back the growth.

78 y.a.: Mexico is completely overgrown. Africa's jungles have expanded and become huge, prehistoric ecosystems as the Saurian's gravitate to them.

75 y.a.: The Allosaurs that escaped nineteen years ago return, destroying several Biosyn facilities using primitive tools and weapons stolen from military bases. They free the other Saurians at these facilities, releasing more of the creatures onto American soil.

70 y.a.: The human race is having difficulty functioning. As the numbers of wild Saurians increase, as the weaponized ones become less manageable, and as the flora becomes wilder and wilder. Economies begin to collapse as people have to stop working in order to protect their families.

60 y.a.: Allosaurs attack a military base. Unfortunately, an accident occurs and three nukes are launched: one into the heart of the overrun Mexico, one into the center of the Prehistoric jungle in Africa, and one into Russia, where the flora is different and the creatures created in the Russian Biosyn facilities are strange. Thinking that a world war is occurring, several other countries fire nukes into the more overrun places of the world, and soon over a third of the world has been irradiated with nuclear destruction.

30 y.a.: Paleo- growth accelerates as the radiation spreads. Biosyn reveals that they used radiation to assist in the recovery of the creature's DNA, and scientists explain that radiation was much more prevalent in prehistoric times. The radiation dies away quickly, and the world is overrun.

13 y.a.: World governments have completely collapsed. It is about survival now. Previously harmless rural areas have become dangerous, deadly places. Suburban areas have become places of potential danger, and urban areas seem to be the few places that the larger dinosaurs don't go. However, most people have learned that if the big ones don't venture to these places, the little ones do, and those creatures can be more dangerous at times...

05 y.a.: Small settlements are beginning to crop up in the deeper parts of the forests and jungles. People begin sticking with one another and domesticating herbivorous creatures for defense.

Present Day...